Sidetracked EP

by Brooks Brown

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“My love for music defines my life,” he says. “It has grown into an infatuation and fuel for my dreams.”

Brown will release a four-song EP “Sidetracked” via his Bandcamp page on May 12th, 2015. The EP includes two new instrumentals along with two new vocal tracks, one featuring Brown himself on the mic for the first time. The other, the EP’s title track and first single, features the beautiful voice of singer Madi Walsh, who Brown met when both were attending GRAMMY® Camp in Los Angeles in 2014.

“I was working on music with Madi in mind when ‘Sidetracked’ first creeped onto my computer,” Brown recalls. “I sent her the tune, and within a few days, she sent me back a gorgeous vocal.”

As the pair started to think about how they wanted to release the track, it eventually became the core of what is now the “Sidetracked” EP, four cuts that hold together as a dreamy, hopeful, and optimistic set of songs reflecting Brown’s musical personality in a way that is often difficult to bring across in the genre.

Brown’s obvious skills, and his genuine love of production, haven’t come without the hard work of learning to be a musician first. Guitar, drums, bass, and piano have been part of his repertoire since the age of nine. He has also faced the hard work of surviving personal tragedy, a fact that plays a significant role in his ability to bring real emotion to the table.

“One major aspect of my musical journey stands out most,” he explains. “My father passed away in the summer of 2009, and that experience has molded me into a stronger individual, and it forced me to step back and examine my purpose in making music.”

This realization for a burgeoning artist, only 11-years-old at the time, is both heartbreaking and inspiring, and also continues to lend a tone of sincerity to Brown’s work.

In preparation for the release of “Sidetracked,” Brown has been refining his skills as a trained musician through live band experience and collaborative projects with individuals from nearly every corner of the industry. He has performed all over the Midwest, in Los Angeles, and at SXSW, opening for national and international acts at sold-out shows.

Brown has brought all of this to “Sidetracked,” which he hopes will be received as the jump in quality and innovation that he’s been striving for. Not a bad example for “seemingly normal” teenagers everywhere.

The “Sidetracked” EP by Brooks Brown will be released May 12th, 2015.


released May 12, 2015



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Brooks Brown

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Track Name: Sidetracked (ft. Madi Walsh)
Left my head miles away
Never sidetracked, never gone back to the past of what didn't last

Never felt so afraid of getting so close before
My soul's drenched to the core of the feel of what it could be
Destiny, how did you do us wrong

Always predict you were different, playing my mind again
Set apart from shame, throw away those games
Set my one touchdown, one goal
Music was my only soul when you came around, but what are you here to do

See I'm used to shutting those like you out, now prove I'm yours without doubt

Loving you's never ever felt so strange
Gotta keep my head, keep my mind out of what's wasting time
But I'm so intrigued

See I'm used to shutting those like you out, now prove I'm yours without doubt